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The American Dream: How do you <span style="color:209501;font-weight:bold; text-decoration:underline;">buy</span> or <span style="color:FFBA00;font-weight:bold; text-decoration:underline;">start a business</span> using NONE of your own cash:


How do you buy or start ANY business using NONE of your own cash:


“Business consultants do not want you to get this information”


Uncover the secrets that business consultants hesitate to provide you on their 300 dollars/hour rate. Find out in details what all these secrets about starting or buying a business using NONE of your own money. That is right! Tons of resources are out there to make these transactions feasible without needing a Master degree in business.


Interested in a specific industry? Looking to start or buy a business but was afraid of the unknown? All will be provided with our information package FREE of charge.


Looking for an internet business? Looking to buy the local shop in your corner street but are strapped for cash? All this is feasible without much hard work. We will tell you how in thorough details.


Reach YOUR AMERICAN DREAM: Buy or start any kind of business using NONE of your own cash!


From: Dan Amzallag

December 12th 2009

Washington DC.


DATE:LINE The United States is producing more and more entrepreneurs and the trend is toward growth. More Americans are not happy with their present jobs, are in search of new avenues, and would consider being their own boss. Today more and more young graduates are seeking new opportunities in the market and would like to be in a situation in which they can make their own decisions, manage their own companies, and determine their own futures. This desire is also shared by older professionals with enough work experience to go out on their own. With the job market being increasingly difficult because of our recession, there are more reasons why you should go and start your own business instead of wasting time providing your qualified expertise to other business owners. This is where tons of millionaires are made, during difficult economic times such as these ones. Who would of imagine that FACEBOOK, Twitter, YOUTUBE and myspace would of become such great phenomemon? The story is, they went for their dreams and started with nothing. Many books outline several methods of how to buy any type of business in the market. These strategies are actually old news. Anyone can start or buy a business; however, money is required and a great deal of it. This FREE manual that I AM giving you goes beyond the common techniques currently available and presents in detail strategies on how to buy or start a business without using a penny of one’s own cash. Leveraging techniques are often seen as forbidding and impossible to grasp. I have made it simple in order to show entrepreneurs that the impossible is possible. This FREE manual shows the reader how to approach the negotiating table with confidence and how to gain access to sources of capital that were always considered unobtainable. I believe that this book will offer great advantages to any striving entrepreneurs desiring to reach their dreams without using any of their own money. Often young entrepreneurs live on a shoestring budget that puts them in a situation that makes it hard for them to leave their day job and they find themselves working all their life for someone else instead of benefiting more directly from their own abilities and ideas. The strategies discussed in this FREE manual will give them the confidence to reach higher and expect more of what the economy has to offer and the knowledge to make the most out of it.


Looking for new opportunities? DO not wait to reach retirement to take action! Time is NOW! Don’t wait 10 years to regret not taking these easy-to-do steps. More millionaires are made during financial crisis, why not it be you.


I will need to ask you a few questions! Have you asked yourself, at any given day, sitting at your office and wondering how it would feel to have your name with the suffix Owner or President/CEO? Has it ever crossed your mind? Well, it is feasible, sooner then you think, without using your own money, but of others.



From: Dan Amzallag

Date: September 15th 2009

Location: Washington DC.


This manual will help entrepreneurs become corporate titans


-- Financial Advice for Cash-Poor Business Leaders –


Got a great idea for a business or product, but strapped for cash? This book helps bust the myths of corporate financing and offers entrepreneurs the tools and know-how to buy or start a business without using any of their own money.


“The American Dream: How do you buy or start a business with none of your own cash”, by Dan Amzallag, uses real-world case studies and anecdotes to illustrate the strategies and resources required for business innovators to accomplish their objectives. In addition, the book offers insights into the three key strategies necessary to purchase or start a business, including:


  • Self-confidence in approaching sellers, bankers and government agencies
  • Understanding of the seller’s perspective to better negotiate a purchase
  • Knowledge of business concepts and how to apply them


The manual explores options from acquisitions and takeovers using leverage to buy the business to understanding the seller’s behavior during negotiation. For example:

• How to use credit card to pay “down payments”,

• How to use the business's own receivables, either by borrowing against them from a bank or selling them, can bring in the cash you need for your down payment to the seller

• How to use negotiating techniques to close the deals on great terms.


“Many young entrepreneurs have the business ideas and know-how but not the financial acumen required to start up a business and live their dream,” said author Dan Amzallag. “My book uses simple terms that anyone can understand, regardless of whether they have an MBA or just a great idea. As a result, readers gain the tools and knowledge to become their own boss.”


Dan Amzallag has an MBA from the University of Texas and 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur and financial executive. “The American Dream: How do you buy or start a business with none of your own cash”, began as a thesis for his degree and evolved based on his own experience and insights gleaned from other entrepreneurs, consultants and financial experts.



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All about starting or buying a business using none of your own cash. Teaching strategies to listeners and advising them on the simplicity of buying or starting a business using others people money.


This Secret Weapon Is what will help you reach your dream of owning your business using others people money!

Perhaps the skeptic in you is violently protesting...

"Dan, there is no way I can go and purchase a business without giving money to the seller. Who in their crazy mind will accept these conditions? "

I totally agree with you.

It seems like only yesterday when I felt like these strategies can’t work and just continue working for someone for the rest of my life. Well, no jobs are guaranteed and if I have to work my ass off, might as well reap the benefits for myself at the end. Even in you everyday job, to justify your salary, you need to bring in at least two or three times the revenue to the owner right? You can’t just slack off and keep taking advantage of your salary without bringing substantial revenue to the company. Well, think about if you are getting paid annual salary of $50,000 dollars, which means you are bringing in average $150 000 dollars to the company. Wouldn’t you want to have that $150 000 to yourself?

Think about it...

If you are working in any specific industry that greatly interest you, then might as well perform well for yourself! Agree? Is job security an issue? Medical benefits perhaps? Well, in today’s medical field, you can get all these benefits from other sources that can be cheaper and cover you and your family better. Job security? Well how much more security can you get if you are your own boss? I am not sure you can FIRE yourself? right? I guess you get the drift!

BE YOUR OWN BOSS and control what you make yearly and reap all the BENEFITS!

Few of the methods being thrown about leverage and acquisitions, others are a complete waste of time and money. Business consultant will charge you 300 dollars/hour to help you decide on what to do and how to do it, and will definitely want to be on the decision making all through the process, which in return will end up costing you few thousands of dollars in consultation fee in the process. You can always negotiate with the consultant to pay him in a later date, depending how flexible he or she can be. WE can teach you the process and make it as easy and FREE as possible.

Announcing Dan Amzallag American Dream book:


How I Did It And More Importantly,
             How You Can Do It Too!


It's really not that difficult.

I did start small. I didn’t go and knock on Bill Gates, Microsoft Corporation door and ask to hand over Microsoft. You need to start small, get used to the techniques we will provide you and apply them. We will also give you Free first hour consultation, a 300 dollars value.

It's not rocket science. It is easier then you think. I been starting and purchasing businesses with NO Money down, getting the whole work done by people who are involved in the business, who have interest in the success of the business. The key is to delegate task and make sure they are done in time and well. You will also learn how to MICRO-MANAGE the business and see all aspect of how to make a business successful. Again, with a few techniques learned in the book, you can accomplish all your dreams by owning a business and making all the decisions yourself.

Let me explain...

Business owners also are looking for the next step in their lives. They are also looking for people to buy or take over their business so they can retire. All their hard work will pay off, but the pay is not coming from your wallet. All the Account receivables can be used as a deposit for the purchase of the business. It is easy to get a loan that covers the account receivables for that business. Any banks can lend you money towards these funds. You have to review the financial statements of the seller and see what kind of leverage you can use. How to read financial statements? Well, your business consultant can help you with that OR you can learn through The American Dream: We will show you the method on how to calculate and get the appropriate FINANCIAL ratios to make the right decision to acquire a specific business.

FACT: Most Business consultant charge upwards of $300/hour!





So, in one month's time you'll spend close to $6000 dollars (at least 20 hours of consulting during that month, including the time in negotiating the business with the seller). The American Dream book is here to drastically drop the price to a mere 20 dollars. After reading the book, it will answer ALL your questions you have to safely close a deal on your terms.If you still need more help after reading the book, I can personally help you at a fraction of consultation price.

Now consider this...

Isn’t worth it to get informed about the step by step to take when it comes to buying or starting a business for the price of 2 beers in a local bar? Our approach is so simplistic that you’ll understand why business consultants don’t want you to read it. It will blow your mind away.

We will provide you for FREE a complete synopsis of the book, the table of contents, many strategies for you to read, again FOR FREE, to give you a taste of what the book has to offer. The opportunities are out there, it is up to YOU to grab them..


This approach of buying or starting a business is so simple and yet so powerful that it will change your life - even beyond applying what you learn directly to start-ups and take-overs. Proven concepts are universally successful in their application to help you reach your goals. So go ahead, do not look of how successful business people do it, just DO IT yourself and become like them.



Important Disclaimer: Because of these great and powerful techniques offered in the book, I am obligated to tell you that results changes between entrepreneurs while using these strategies and we always advise you to start by acquiring small business in the beginning and then go to bigger and more exciting opportunities. These strategies are proven successful by me and others that I’ve consulted. We are here to make them available to use at your leisure and to help you get your acquired or business start-up off the ground.




Dan Amzallag

ProAce International

Author: Business Entrepreneur

The American Dream: How to buy or start a business using none of your own cash.


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